Leader in Engineering and Technology Consulting.
Choisir CSS Engineering, is the promise to participate in the boldest technology projects, in sectors at the forefront of innovation.

From technology challenges.

When working with CSS Engineering, you are part of a team that is known for its performance. We are motivated professionals effectiveness that focus on their goals.

CSS Engineering focuses not only on recruiting people who are results-oriented, but also on their development. For us, it is important to ensure that our customers are satisfied and are served with the care and respect they deserve.

Once we see the potential in you and that we are recruiting, we make sure you are in an environment where you can develop this potential. Stress and pressure are the enemies of productivity and creativity, we strive to reduce as much as possible.

Benefits and Rewards

We take care of the business of our customers as our. We think and act like business partners, and not as academic advisors. We share the aspirations of our customers, work to understand their reality, and align our incentives with their goals – So they know we're together.

The personal impact, mentoring and teamwork are some of the benefits of building a career with CSS Engineering.

positions available

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Akwa, Douala, Cameroun Marketing 06/20/2016
Akwa, Douala, Cameroun Software engineering 06/04/2016
Akwa, Douala, Cameroun Marketing 06/04/2016

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