IT outsourcing allows a company to entrust all or part of the management of its information system of an external provider.
According to your needs, the size of your organization, and the expertise available within your structure, we propose to achieve this IT outsourcing on your site, or outsource all or part of your information system in a center high availability hosting.
This will give you a real delegate DSI, bringing you:

  • the operational maintenance of your infrastructure
  • advice on optimizations and security
  • continuous support in the development of your information system

Depending on your needs and your budget, you can access different levels of service:

Onsite Outsourcing

You want to make the management of your computer system on your website? With outsourcing on site, our team will support you in all the daily tasks of managing your fleet. Installation, optimization, maintenance …

partial or complete outsourcing of IS

Outsourcing your information system allows you to reduce costs, secure your data and to have a flexible and scalable infrastructure with a Learn Academy in it. Optionally, you can outsource your entire IT system, or just a section or a service among other …

There are several different types of outsourcing:
• facilities management infrastructure that allows IT asset management
• the application management that allows management of software and software packages that the customer retains ownership (ERP, CRM, …)
• outsourcing of application delivery that allows the management of software and software packages that the customer does not own (he rents its software and software packages)
• outsourcing of global outsourcing that includes the latest

What is the advantage of outsourcing?

The initial goal is to outsource all IT processes in your company. Theoretically, you will thus be able to focus your company’s efforts on its expertise, its products and its services. The selected external company will manage your IT infrastructure for you, allowing you to reduce your costs over a computer you would have hired internally.
The other benefit is that outsourcing companies are experts. Therefore, they are more efficient and know the latest technology and methods to implement to optimize an IT park. In other words, outsourcing is a sure way for the smooth running of your business

The outsourcing contract

Generally, an outsourcing service requires the establishment of a contract between your company and an outside provider. The contract in question will mention the exact nature of the benefit, the duration thereof, cost, or the different responsibilities of each party.
Often these contracts evolve over time. Indeed, any company is going to develop and your outsourcing service therefore will constantly adapt to your needs and the size of your business.

Global or partial outsourcing?

You can choose this type of outsourcing that after a discussion with your provider. You can indeed outsource the entire management of your computer and your data or do outsource a part.
So you have to decide with the company that will take over the outsourcing of your business what is more suited to your actual needs you should also invest in Check writing services it will save you a lot of time.

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