IT Consulting & Services

• Do you have a project to develop specific software?
• Want to improve the performance of your computer system?
• Do you have a website? If so do you think it can be improved?
• Looking for someone to accompany you, locally, able to defend your interests with your foreign providers ?
The ever-increasing emergence and importance of the information system enables faster dissemination of information, improved productivity and coordination of the various corporate bodies.
New active applications appear, devoted to increasing wealth creation for the company : e-commerce, CRM, ERP, SRM… Innovative architectures are born to create new models and new practices. Virtualization under windows, Cloud Computing, mobile devices and social networks are transforming the way we use IT. The phenomenon of consumerization of IT tends to abolish the boundaries between consumer tools and professional solutions.
Constant technological progress (speed, processing capabilities, storage, integration, new tools and systems…) and the variety of applications developed make IT a lever for economic differentiation and a strategic choice for the future of the company in its ability to align the information system to current and future business needs. Large accounts, SMEs or self-employed people now have access to a wide range of products to help them improve their working methods and develop their activity. It remains to be seen how to deploy and administer them effectively. This is one of the reasons for CSS ENGINEERING. We put our know-how to the benefit of your business. Our pragmatic solutions, profitable and IT viable allow you to raise the image of your company and to rank it at the cutting edge of technology.

The designer : It identifies the needs of the future user and determines the technical means to meet them. He is able to speak the language of the "client" and has a culture broad enough to interact successfully with non-computer experts. He masters computer technology to identify the best solution and define the appropriate architecture to respond to it. He is both architect and entrepreneur, and his internet marketing skills are often a plus.
Director : He is able to translate the indications and instructions produced by the designer into computer components. He analyzes in detail certain components of architecture, the programs, validates them, implements and integrates them. He has very sharp technical skills.
The manager : He manages IT development projects and / or the computer systems resulting from such projects. He is responsible for the successful completion of the missions associated with these systems, of their safety, planning their evolution. Just like the designer, he has qualities on a human level, very good general education and solid technical skills.
Beyond these 3 basic trades, we can propose a nomenclature of IT professions :
• Informatic direction
• Expertise – advice
• Production – Exploitation
• Studies & Development
• Support & Assistance