Libra : European bloc rejects cryptomonnaie Facebook… and does not rule out creating his own

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance of the French, asserted, Friday 8 November, the ambition of the European Union on virtual currencies.
The Libra Project is in the sights of the European Union (EU). Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance of the French, one of the staunchest critics of crytpomonnaie Facebook, never misses an opportunity to hammer its opposition.

An act "European sovereignty affirmation"
"We are opposed to the Libra project because we do not want giant digital extend more influence in the new fields of competence", He said on the sidelines of an EU ministerial meeting. Before abound : "We do not see what legitimate entry of these giants of digital skills in a field of states that is to say, the money".

In the words of Minister, Europe "must be a monetary power that affirms the power of the euro against the wishes of a number of digital giants to provide private digital currencies". That is why, we must "imperatively look safeguards, the necessary controls to the implementation of any project of this guy ".

"I am therefore delighted that this position we have defended from the beginning with the German Finance Minister is now reflected in a joint declaration 28, a Council statement also signed by the European Commission ", affirmé to the ministre français, calling the decision "a major political act" as "an affirmation of European sovereignty".

Soon, European cryptomonnaie ?
However, Bruno Le Maire has not failed to point out the flaws in European monetary policy highlighted by Libra. "We recognize very happy that there is an indispensable field for states. "The minister does not rule out the establishment of a public cryptomonnaie, claiming to be "also ready to consider a public digital currency, even if it is a project that is necessarily inscribed in the very long term ".

Harmless against the United States and China, Europe is trying to exist in the digital field by playing the card controller. After the "example" of RGPD, European ambitions register less in technical innovation in strengthening cyber sovereignty. "The failure, is the digital, confessed to the French Minister. There are no European digital champions and we are doomed to use US champions. On veut refaire la même chose sur l’intelligence artificielle ? […] Il en est hors de question » Le ministre a pris l’exemple d’Airbus, champion européen de l’aéronautique dans le « respect de la concurrence ».

Partout dans le monde, la levée de boucliers contre la monnaie Libra est féroce. Même aux États-Unis. Face à ces tensions, Kevin Weil, chargé du développement de la cryptomonnaie chez Facebook, a tenté de calmer les tensions. La monnaie virtuelle « ne se propagera pas [à la vitesse] d’un réseau social. It will be a work not for years, but for decades ", saying however that "it is worth it".

Source : Ministry of Economy and Finance